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tailor-made travel event

Tailor-Made Travel Event focuses on luxury and quality in travel. We pride ourselves to offer the only exclusive forum for companies who seek high-end consumers from the Finnish Market and we very happy to partner with the most exclusive global travel brands and destinations.

We invite selected - by invitation only - clients to acquaint themselves with and to learn more about luxurious opportunities. We hope you will join us in assisting these clients to discover and to choose an appropriately exclusive, thrilling and lavish tailor-made product or itinerary.

Tailor-Made Travel Event (TMT) brings together approximately 1000 high-end clients to meet 30 luxury suppliers. The two-day event and marketplace is devoted to sophisticated services and products only. The event serves both B2B and B2C purposes.

The highlights are business sessions of one to two hours from hosts of the event. The event is dedicated to maximizing B2C interactions, however additional meetings, presentations and B2B communications are encouraged.

"Luxury is something special, something unique, something that is not there in your everyday life. Something that makes you feel good, comfortable and elegant, it makes you feel special."

Please check important notes for Main Partner, Hosts, Exhibitors, Partner Companies and Clients.

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tailor-made travel event

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Palautetta / Feedback

‘It was a pleasure attending the first Tailor-made Travel Event in Helsinki.  
The event was professionally organized and the turn-out as well as the quality of guests was excellent’
 Hanna-Leena Halsas | Singapore Airlines
“Exhibiting at the Tailor-made Travel Event enabled valuable interaction with a very quality-conscious clientele, offered a first-hand experience of our extensive product range with the help of a recent innovation – the Lufthansa 360° Virtual Reality demo, featuring interactive inflight experiences and visits to exotic destinations.”
Jacita Bengts | Account Manager | Lufthansa
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