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Suomen Matkailumarkkinointi Oy:n eli Sumaman päätavoitteena on edistää Suomen matkailuelinkeinoa myyjät ja ostajat yhdistävissä myyntitapahtumissa sekä tutustuttaa matkailualan ostajia matkailualan kohteisiin. Näin annamme yrityksille ja tuotteille kasvot, mikä edistää keskinäistä luottamusta. 

Finnish Travel Marketing Ltd is a privately owned company with profound expertise in arranging workshops and different kinds of sales events, FAM-trips​ for the Finnish travel trade both domestically and abroad. We strongly believe in "seeing is believing" and that "people need people" to get things rapidly done. 


Meet FinlanD – Experience nature

13th of September 2024

We warmly welcome you to the open workshop where everybody has a chance to meet with everybody! Buyers and sellers alike requested this type of workshop, and we listened. After open workshop it's time for traditional pre-appointed and free schedules.


Rymy – goes to sweden


Tervetuloa mukaan näkemään vanhoja tuttuja ja tapaamaan uusia! Tule mukaan hakemaan uusia ideoita ja tapaamaan kollegoitasi. Workshopissa myyjät ja ostajat tapaavat etukäteen sovittujen tapaamisaikataulujen puitteissa. Tänä vuonna RYMYssä on mukana suomalaisten lisäksi myös ruotsalaisia ostajia!

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-18 at 15.08.21.jpeg

Rymy – Upptäck FINLAND

Finncanopus ship
28th and 29th of October 2024

Welcome to RYMY | Upptäck Finland, where the whole Finland tourism industry meets and greets Swedish buyers in Kappelskär. Come and gather new ideas and meet your colleagues. In the workshop, sellers and buyers will meet within pre-arranged meeting schedules. This year, in addition to Finns, RYMY will host Swedish buyers!


VIP Travel North

Kilpisjärvi Cahkal Hotel

VIP Travel North combines High-end travel destinations of Northern Finland, Sweden, and Norway, creating a unique and attractive travel destination where you can discover different cultures, natural wonders, and activities of three countries in one workshop.


Experience Finland - Sea and lakes

Summer 2025

Experience Finland – Sea and lakes greet you with wonders from Southern Finland. The event is a gateway to experience culture, nature and history products directly to tour operators, travel agencies, DMC companies, incoming operators, and other international buyers in a neatly packed FAM trip. We showcase travel destinations and experiences and have a workshop where business happens


TMT, Tailor-Made Travel event

The Finnish House of Nobility

Welcome to the Tailor-Made Travel event in Helsinki.
The event focuses on luxury and quality in travel. We partner with companies that prioritize high quality service and authentic Tailor-Made Travel experiences.

Palautetta / Feedback

Experience Finland

Aleksi is a great host with full attention on both buyers and exhibitors. The show was very well planned and out of obvious and that was the point that made us join. To learn more from the surrounding areas of Helsinki. Looking forward to a next one.
Buyer at the event
Very professionally arranged event - all smooth and working.
Supplier in the event



Home dining 

other services

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