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the matchmakers for finland


Suomen Matkailumarkkinointi Oy:n (Sumaman) päätavoitteena on järjestää Suomen matkailuelinkeinolle myyntitapahtumia, joissa myyjä ja ostaja kohtaavat kasvotusten.

Näin annamme yrityksille ja tuotteille myös kasvot, mikä lisää luotettavuutta. 


Finnish Travel Marketing Ltd is a privately owned company with profound expertize in arranging workshops and different kinds of sales events​ for the Finnish travel trade both domestic and abroad. We strongly believe in "seeing is believing" and that "people need people" in order to get things rapidly done. 



Rymy - goes to sweden

Finncanopus - Laiva

Tervetuloa mukaan tapaamaan vanhoja tuttuja sekä uusia potentiaalisia ostajia ja myyjiä. Tule mukaan hakemaan uusia ideoita ja tapaamaan kollegoitasi . Workshopissa myyjät ja ostajat tapaavat etukäteen sovittujen tapaamisaikataulujen puitteissa


TMT, Tailor-Made Travel event

The Finnish House of Nobility

Welcome to the Tailor-Made Travel Event In Helsinki.
The event focuses on luxury and quality in travel. We partner with companies who clearly has the priority in high quality service and authentic Tailor-Made Travel experiences. Please include the event to your future plan of activities and join us for this luxury event


Meet FinlanD - Fun and functional


We warmly welcome you to the "Meet Finland & Experience nature" workshop on Thursday 19th of September 2024. This year it begins as an open workshop where everybody has a chance to meet with everybody and after lunch follows with pre-appointed and free schedules. This is the particular wish of the buyers and sellers for the year 2024.

Palautetta / Feedback

Tailor-Made Travel Event

‘It was a pleasure attending the first Tailor-made Travel Event in Helsinki.  

The event was professionally organized and the turn-out as well as the quality of guests was excellent’

 Hanna-Leena Halsas | Singapore Airlines

“Exhibiting at the Tailor-made Travel Event enabled valuable interaction with a very quality-conscious clientele, offered a first-hand experience of our extensive product range with the help of a recent innovation – the Lufthansa 360° Virtual Reality demo, featuring interactive inflight experiences and visits to exotic destinations.”

Jacita Bengts | Account Manager | Lufthansa



Home dining 

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