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RYMY Upptäck Finland


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Group Sales Events is a customary gathering in the tourism sector, where sellers and buyers meet within pre-scheduled appointment times. These schedules are tailored to the preferences of both parties. Meetings are 15 minutes long and there can be a total of 24 of them.

This year, we invite Finnish and Swedish buyers, travel agencies, transport companies, and tour organizers, incentive houses, DMC's incoming operators. We bring to the event Finnish travel trade suppliers from various sectors, including Finnish destination marketing organizations, hotels and hotel chains, spas, restaurants, tourist attractions, museums, events, theatres, and shipping and airline companies.

The 2023 event was fully booked, so for this year, we strongly recommend registering early for RYMY Goes to Sweden | Discover Finland to ensure your participation. The event last year had approximately 40 buyers and 40 sellers.

Following the success of last year's RYMY FAM-trip tour, Sumama is again organizing a Post-tour event in collaboration Visit ÅlandNaantali Spa & Hotel

Finland Meets and greets you in Finncanopus

rymy | Upptäck

28th and 29th October 2024


RYMY 28th and 29th of October

RYMY Post-tour 29th – 31st of October

Preliminary Program

Monday 28th October,

07:00 Buss transfer from Stockholm Central to Kappelskär

08:15 Boarding to the ship
08:15–09:00 Breakfast on the ship
09:15–13:00 Workshop begins. Includes a 15-minute coffee break
13:00–14:15 Buyers proceed to lunch
13:20–14:15 Sellers proceed to lunch
14:15–17:00 Workshop continues. Includes a 15-minute coffee break
17:30–19:00 Dinner at Finnlines

21:45 Ship heads back to Kappelskär

Tuesday 29th October.
07:00 departure from the ship
07:20 Buss transfer from Kappelskär to Stockholm Central

Post-Tour attendees schedule: (Optional)

Tuesday 29th October,

19:30 Estimated departure time from the ship. Buss tansfer to Naantali spa hotel

Stay over the night at Naantali Spa & Hotel for post-tour attendees

Tuesday 29th October,

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel

09:00 Bus transfer to Finnlines Terminal

15:00 Arriving to Långnäs

15:30Ttravelling through the Åland destinations

19:30 Transport to the hotel

20:00 Check-in to the hotel

Wednesday 30th October,

06:00 Breakfast at the hotel 

07:25 Bus transport through Ålands hotels, restaurants, culture and nature destinations

14:00 Transport to the Långnäs

14:45 Arrival at Långnäs

15:20 Departure of the ferry

17:45 Arrival to Kappelskär
18:00 Buss transfer from Kappelskär to Stockholm Central.
19:15 Estimated time of arrival to Stockholm Central


The event is free for buyers, but a no-show fee of 200 €/person is charged if a registered buyer fails to attend.

For Finnish Suppliers we offer the opportunity to participate under the following conditions.
Price per company:
One table for a company: 1249 €/table, incl. one person from the company.
An additional person from the company 807,40 € (max. one additional person from the same company).
Shared table with another company 1122 €/company (max. one person per company).

The fee includes one meeting list/workshop table, manual, table and name tags, breakfast, lunch, Get-together dinner, dinner, and cabin on the ship.

All prices are subject to the current VAT.

The last day for sellers to register is 15th September 2024.

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