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home dining

Visit a finnish family - a cultural exchange over a meal

Have you ever walked the streets of a city and wondered what´s going on inside the homes of the locals? What does it look like? What do they talk about? What do they eat? We have - that is why Home Dining exist​​​s.


Home Dining will help you to find this experience. We put together a network of selected homes in various parts of Helsinki. Single individuals, couples or families have all their own stories to tell. Experience wonderful moments with us, in our homes, over a meal and you will catch a glimpse of our everyday life.

Home Dining is not a restaurant but a concept where you can meet a local family at their home. Get to know how Finns typically live, taste some of our foods and enjoy a relaxed moment in our living room. The families live in different parts of the Helsinki area. You can choose the type of family you want to visit by language spoken and food served. The "menus" come in three different main categories. The visit can be arranged for 2 – 8 persons at a time.

Category 1: 2 courses, 65 €/person

Category 2: 3 courses, 85 €/person

Category 3: Tasting menu, 120 €/person



Terms of reservation and cancellation


After booking, you get a confirmation from us, with details of the host and how to get there. During office hours you will get the information within the same day. Your payment will be the final confirmation for the booking.


Our menu categories describe the general level and quality of the menu our hosts will arrange for you during your visit. The food served depends on the hosts and their lifestyle but of course also of season and availability of local ingredients. Alcoholic beverages are not included.


The price includes a visit to the family (2-3 hours) and the meal chosen. Children under 12 years pay 70% of the price. Children under 2 years of age are free.


Booking should be made well in advance to guarantee availability.


Terms of payment: Payment due at the time of booking.


Terms of cancellation: Cancellation 2 weeks prior to the date of visit, free of charge. For cancellation 14 days – 7 days prior to the date of visit we charge 50% of the total cost. For cancellations later than 6 days prior to the visit we charge 100% of the cost.

All information is subject to change. All rates and terms of reservation and cancellation are subject to final confirmation.

Inquiries about Home dining
Please contact Marina Krause
+358 400 618258

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