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turku day trip



Train to Turku in the morning.


City sightseeing in Turku.


A guided bus tour of Turku provides a good overall picture of the city´s history and sights. The 2-hour tour includes also a visit to Turku Cathedral.


Turku Castle has stood guard over the mouth of the River Aura since the 1280s bearing witness to many major turning points in Finnish history. The halls and chambers of the main castle have witnessed major turning points in history as well as other dramatic events such as the insult of the corpse of Klaus Fleming and the dreadful fate of many human prisoners. There have been royal visits in the Middle Ages castle and luxurious court life during the rule of Duke Johan and Katarina Jagellonica. The interiors of the bailey, decorated according to the styles of various periods, present the history and culture of Turku Castle and Finland.


Transfer to Herrankukkaro.


Herrankukkaro (“Mama’s Pocket”) is a unique site for conferences, training and recreation located in the Turku archipelago in Southwest Finland and built upon an old fishing village. Awarded as Finland's Best Tourist Enterprise 2010. When you arrive at Herrankukkaro, you step into the old time atmosphere. The Finnish insular culture is based on authenticity, genuineness and the appreciation of nature. Exotic, yet not primitive - a place that is good for your mind. Stroll around, relax in the sauna, try your luck in fishing with a rod and enjoy a late lunch.


Transfer to the harbor and Tallink Silja to Stockholm.

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